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Fleet Solutions
for Your Industry

Energy And Communications

Your market is unique.  You have to be able to get the equipment quickly when in boom times, and liquidate during the lower times.  We understand that and can move quickly to meet your needs. From fleet acquisition and fleet purchasing to end of life.

Logistics And Transport

For years, RLB has been getting shippers the most for their vehicles, but did you know RLB can also purchase and maintain your fleet?  We have worked with it all from haulers to dock loading equipment.  We know what you need and can work with you to lower your costs and increase your profits. 


Forklifts, haulers, backhoes, we have you covered.  We have been servicing the oil and gas industry in the Permian Basin since 2015!


Just as you keep the cities moving and growing, we help your fleet of vehicles move and maintain.  We can help the whole way from getting you the best deal to getting you top dollar!

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