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Why Choose RLB Assets?


RLB Assets is a new venture by Robbie Baker.  Mr. Baker started RLB Investments nearly 40 years ago becoming one of the largest wholesalers in the southwest.  In time, he expanded into the retail market with cars, trucks, rvs, boats, and motorcycles.  For over 20 years, RLB has been leader in the leasing and financing industries of just about every type of vehicle and equipment on the market with numerous business including:

Auction Lanes at major auctions

New Car Dealerships - specializing in the leasing of and sale of the best used automobiles in the market - specializing in the unique cars, trucks, SUVs, RVs, and commercial vehicles.

RLB Assets has been working with in the Permian Basin since 2015.


Guaranteed Pricing better than any auction.  We can save you thousands on each vehicle.


Why risk the headache of dealing with any auction?

Working with auctions can lead to all sorts of issues from:

  • excessive unknown fees

  • frustrating transport

  • damaged or lost items


Let your hassle be our hassle.


Personal service with individual concierge.  You will have the personal touch of dealing with the same person everytime with quick response times, and the experience and knowledge for all your needs. 

We will handle the shipping, maintenance, service.. even the cleaning.  Whatever you need for your fleet, we can handle!


Capital - No dollar amount is too much!  Same day funding*.  Why wait for YOUR money?  Get your money the same day. 

Just give us the VIN!

  *Please note that same day funding is contingent on title availability

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